‘Credo’ is Latin for ‘I believe’, and believing in Jesus more thoughtfully, more passionately, and more joyfully is what Credo is all about. Each year hundreds of young adults from all different church backgrounds and denominations come together to fix our eyes on Jesus, and come away encouraged and energised to live for him in all of life.

In 2024, our theme is A Heart for God. Often as Christians we can fall into unhelpful extremes. On the one hand, we sometimes emphasise the 'head' or intellect, while neglecting our heart and affections for God. On the other hand, we sometimes focus too much on the 'heart' and how we feel while neglecting to love God with all of our mind as well. How can we avoid both extremes, so that we can love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength? That's what we'll be exploring together at Credo 2024.

We'd love you to join us at Credo 2024 on 8–9th of March, I hope to see you there!

Ben Smart

Chair of CREDO 2024


CREDO is run by Christian Conventions of Western Australia (CCOWA), a non­denominational ministry.

CCOWA seeks to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in Western Australia mainly by public Bible teaching conventions and conferences.

For more information about CCOWA please visit www.ccowa.org