1) Engaging with Culture with Steve McAlpine

We may live in a secular culture, but in many senses we have never been so religious, and secularism is no exception. With the current conversation around identity, and sexual politics, we are beginning to realise that our good news of Jesus Christ is being met with an equal and opposite gospel – that your personal salvation will be found in the most authentic version of yourself that you can craft. This presents us with some major challenges, especially as Christianity is increasingly being seen as hostile to this other gospel. However it also presents us with great opportunities. People are spiritually hungry and searching for meaning. We need to recognise this and seize the moment.

2) Christ and Politics with Matt Dodd

Ever feel distraught at the state of modern politics? Ever catch yourself swinging between thinking Christ has too much and also too little to say about our political climate? Ever stuck having no clue who to vote for or even wondering why you should care at all? Welcome to the club! Join me as we pool ignorance on this truly perplexing topic.

3) Caring for Others in a Self-Care Age with Jill McAlpine

In a world that says “you do you” and “be your authentic self”, we are shaken to the core, when life is out of our control. We tighten our grip on the reins in our endeavour to soothe, settle and satisfy our self. All too often, we are left lacking. When we widen our lens beyond our individual fragility, we see others. Others, who mirror our struggles, our insecurities and despair. Our biblical encouragement is to love our neighbour as we do ourselves. Let’s consider our self in the context of others, in community, as we explore what “turning care inside out” may look like, bearing each other’s burdens and facing life together.

4) Banksy, Spacey Jane, Fremantle, and Christians with Lee and Shannon Hinkle

Is Christianity only for engineers??? What place does art have in our Christian lives? How can we use art for the Kingdom? Art is a good thing given to us by a good God for our enjoyment and for his glory. Art tells the story of culture and Christians are called to tell these stories and care for the story tellers. In a world full of beauty and brokenness Lee and Shanon will be helping us to think about the importance and value of art within the church, within our community, and in our personal lives.

5) Fun and Faithful Youth Ministry with Jordan Thyer

Youth Ministry is a unique opportunity to both evangelise non-christians and disciple christian youth to further maturity in Christ. But if youth ministry is boring church kids won’t want to come and they won’t invite their friends! So how can we run youth ministries that are both fun and faithful – that not only teach about the joy we have in Christ, but embody in it our youth community?

6) God’s Word and Evangelism with Heidi Ramer (all spots filled)

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to evangelism but God, in his great wisdom, has given us a resource that we can use with anyone. This elective will encourage and equip us to think about how we might go about asking and reading the Bible with our non-Christian friends. Heidi will take you through how to evangelise by reading the Bible with non-Christians, including how to start and what helpful questions to ask along the way.