Credo 2024

Murray Capill

Murray is Dean of Ministry Development and lecturer in Pastoral Ministry at the Reformed Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. He previously pastored churches in Australia and New Zealand, and was Principal of RTC from 2008 – 2019. His book The Heart is the Target has helped countless preachers.

Credo 2023

Ed Surrey

Ed studied Psychology at Exeter University, UK, before training to be a maths teacher. He taught at Stowe School in Buckingham before training for ministry in Perth while serving at a church. After serving back in Exeter as a pastor in a church, Ed and his family returned to Perth to join CRU West in their work of sharing Jesus with the next generation.

Paul Young

Paul failed at professional golf, which led him to become a social worker and, eventually, a pastor. After some time studying theology on the East Coast and serving in other church startups, Paul is now back in Perth at Providence Bayswater. You’ll find him trying to be the receptionist, administrator, and pastor at the same time (with varying levels of success). Paul has lived in Perth most of his life but did not grow up in a “Christian” family. His faith started when he first learnt and heard that God was gracious and forgiving and that Jesus had died for him. God was big enough to handle his doubts and questions, of which he had plenty. Paul is married to Bec and are currently the parents of Samuel and Lucas, who both love toy hedgehogs.

Credo 2022

Steve McApline

Steve is currently interim lead pastor at North Coast Church, while juggling a few other side gigs including writing and blogging, and doing some evangelism work with City Bible Forum as a national communicator. He and Jill have been married for more than a quarter of a century, and they have two children, Sophie and Declan. Steve enjoys running as his primary way of letting off steam. He became a Christian aged eight, and went through the usual doubts and struggles with assurance of faith, but the bigger issue is that he is STILL a Christian because of what Jesus has continued to do and be for him, all the years since. Steve is really looking forward to engaging with the next generation of Christians at CREDO, who are looking to be equipped to live effectively and joyously for life in a complex world.

Matt Dodd

Matt is pastor of a Presbyterian church plant in Vic Park called (in a fit of originality) Vic Park Presbyterian Church. He is married to Mandy and they are blessed with four children. Matt rejoices in being a child of God; delights in being a pastor, husband and father; loves monstering a chicken burg, enjoys an overpriced craft beer; tolerates administration tasks and deeply despises fake lawn and brussel sprouts.

Credo 2021

Mike Horgan

Mike was born and raised in Perth. In God’s kindness he became a Christian in his final year of university when he was studying Engineering. He heard the gospel for the first time when he attended someone’s baptism and was struck by God’s grace through Jesus.

He worked as an engineer for over 10 years before leaving to start in ministry. For the last 5 years he has pastored at St Matthew’s Anglican Church.

He is married to Vicki and has 3 gorgeous boys. His favourite things to do in spare time is smoke meat, go to the beach, and play laser tag with the kids.

Phil Beeck

Phil grew up in a Christian family on a farm before moving to Perth to be a physiotherapist. Christ captured his heart and he was soon at bible college and adding pastoring to his physio work.

Phil Is married to Holly and they have 3 boys and love living in Albany where the fishing and four wheel driving is good. As senior pastor Phil loves to preach, train people in ministry and be with people all day every day.

Credo 2019

Kanishka Raffel

Kanishka was born in London to Sri Lankan parents and was raised as a Buddhist. At uni a friend gave him a copy of John’s Gospel and he subsequently became a Christian. After working as a lawyer in Sydney, Kanishka entered vocational ministry and served as senior pastor at St Matthews Anglican Church in Shenton Park for more than 15 years. In 2016 he moved back to Sydney to serve as Dean at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Kanishka is married to Cailey and they have two daughters. He likes cooking, 24 hr news TV, reading non-fiction and listening to all kinds of music - Baroque and Classical.

Credo 2018

Ed Surrey

Born and raised just south of London, Ed came to know Jesus through the witness of his parents and his church - as they faithfully taught and lived out the Gospel. After uni in Exeter, he taught Maths at a posh school near Oxford, and then he and his wife Sally moved to Perth to work for St Matt’s for 6 years. All three of their kids were born at King Eddies, and they miss WA very much now that they’re back in the UK. Ed works with 0-18 year olds and their families at St. Leonard’s church, back in Exeter. Ed has written a couple of books on Jesus stuff.

Rory Shiner

Rory was born in Albany and has lived most of his life in Perth, with stints in Singapore and Sydney. He is married to Susan and they have four boys. At University he studied Arts and from there launched a career washing dishes at restaurants. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Providence City Church. He enjoys writing, and has written books on Union with Christ and on the Resurrection of Jesus.

Credo 2017

Gary Millar

Gary and Fiona live in the leafy Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove with their three funfilled girls Lucy (14) Sophie (13) and Rebekah (9). They spent 18 years planting and revitalising churches in Dublin, before Gary was appointed Principal of Queensland Theological College in 2012.

Gary is passionately committed to preaching Jesus from every part of the Bible, and helping others to do the same.

Thom Bull

Thom is grateful to be able to serve Jesus as a husband to Mary Jane, a dad to Nicholas, Lucy and Timothy, and a pastor to Ellenbrook Anglican Church. He enjoys singing with his family, learning from the great Christian teachers of the past, and seeing the hills outside his kitchen window turn from yellow to green just before winter starts.

Credo 2016

Mikey Lynch

Mikey is the Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Mikey is a leader of The Vision 100 Network (Tasmania) and Geneva Push (National) - both church planting networks, He is also the network coordinator of MTS Tasmania and a chaplain at Jane Franklin Hall.

Mikey's ministry has focused on preaching to unchurched uni students and graduates. He is also passionate about identifying and developing future Christian leaders. Mikey is married to Nikki and has three children. He loves cooking, fishing, reading and has recently taken up rollerblading again.

Steve McAlpine

Steve is approaching an age which would be a more than useful Test batting average. He is a pastor of Providence Church in WA, is married to Jill and together they have two children, Sophie and Declan. Steve grew up in Northern Ireland, but apart from rolling his “r’s”, and talking too fast, is a West Aussie through and through. He has degrees in journalism and theology and enjoys combining the two through writing and blogging, especially on matters of church planting and cultural negotiation for Christians in the increasingly complex West.

Credo 2015

Sam Allberry

Sam is the Associate Minister at St Mary’s Church in Maidenhead, just outside London in the UK, and is the author of books on the resurrection and the Trinity and most recently “Is God Anti-Gay?” In his spare time he enjoys American history and Thai food.

Allan Chapple

Allan teaches at Trinity Theological College here in Perth. Prior to this he has served as a pastor in WA and the UK, taught at a theological college in Malaysia, and been an AFES staffworker. He has been married to Allison for forty years, and has three children and two grandchildren. Apart from his family, his great love is better equipping himself to teach the New Testament to his students. He also delights in the music of Handel, Mozart, and Berlioz.

Credo 2014

Rory Shiner

Rory was born in Albany. He studied English and Anthropology at UWA and theology at Moore College. He is currently on the staff of St Matthew's where he pastors City Church and Unichurch International. He is married to Susan and they have four sons. His first book, One Forever, was published in 2013.